why a Fiber Supplement?

The average adult needs 25 grams of fiber each day. Unfortunately, on average Americans receive only 30% to 50% of this amount(based on a 2,000 calorie diet)7. With a proper diet, you can provide your body with the fiber it needs from fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. But the reality is most people aren’t getting sufficient fiber from their diet. Fortunately, fiber can be taken in supplement form.

Shortcomings of Other Fiber Supplements.

While 81% of Americans supplement their diets with important vitamins and minerals, only 12% use fiber supplements6. A major reason for this sharply lower usage rate is that other fiber supplements have serious shortcomings. The most widely used fiber supplements come in powder form and contain psyllium. Click to expand more information

Psyllium is a grain husk, dense in soluble fiber. Many people have good results with psyllium but as reported by consumers, others struggle with its taste and texture. Since it’s quite absorbent, when mixed with liquids it quickly turns into a gelatinous form that creates an unpleasant drinking experience. Other people report uncomfortable gassiness, bloating or even cramping.

There’s even some growing awareness that psyllium is not compatible with some prescription medications8. Capsules can provide a more comfortable taste and ingestion experience, but an individual capsule doesn’t offer as much fiber as a serving of powder. As a result, users of capsules either incur a much higher cost or fall below the fiber intake they need by taking too few capsules.

Beware of laxatives.

Americans spend nearly 2.5 times4 more money each year on supplementing their diets with laxatives rather than fiber. Yet 50% of chronic constipation sufferers are dissatisfied with medications available to treat this ailment. Perhaps this feeling is rooted in the fact that laxatives, while more powerful and at times needed for extreme situations, take over this key function from our bodies. If overly relied on, laxatives may make the body less able to take care of its digestive regularity. Fiber, on the other hand, allows our body to do the work it was designed to do naturally.


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