is the Hype on fiber justified?

Fiber provides several important benefits*, but in order to receive them all, you need to get enough of the two types of fiber that exist. Here’s a summary of the benefits of each type of fiber using two particularly reputable sources: the Mayo Clinic9 and the American Dietetic Association10.


Insoluble fiber retains its form and moves faster through your digestive system, delivering its main effects of regularity and reducing waste buildup in the colon thanks to its acceleration of gastro-intestinal transit time. With over 60 million3 Americans suffering from chronic constipation, this is no small benefit! Beyond the basic discomfort of constipation, there also comes increased risk of hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and diverticulitis, to name a few.


Soluble fiber absorbs other substances and moves slower through your digestive system. This absorption quality brings several main effects. First – it provides a feeling of fullness that inhibits the urge to overeat. Second - it can moderate blood glucose levels, reducing the stress on your body and contributing further to satiety. Diabetics are particular beneficiaries of soluble fiber thanks to its dampening of sugar absorption into the bloodstream. Third – it can bind- to/lower cholesterol and thus aid cardiovascular health. And lastly - some soluble fibers have a prebiotic effect in that it helps maintain a healthy pH in the gut which allows beneficial bacteria to flourish.


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